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Why does it happen? The IronSocket Global Server Network.

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Uninstall cloak VPN: All the everybody needs to know Secure DNS client Encrypt.me VPN - for macOS 10.14+ VPN toggle in settings the script to either & secure Besides remove the VPN profile, my extension and remove Right click and choose safe online. There are also VPN based options, but these can be a little more work to get set up initially.

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This solution is for filtering only and does not offer any reporting functionality, but is a very straightforward filter that has virtually no impact on device or network performance. They both have iphones with one using iOS12 the other iOS13. The VPN toggle switch is on the first screen when going into settings. If they toggle that VPN to off, does that actually turn off the DNScloak for clean browsing or do they need to go into the DNScloak settings and turn off the “connect on command” toggle switch to turn it off?

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1. Disable the ffapple proxy firstly. 2. Download DNSCloakand then download this Block Fileand save it to your iPhone. 3.

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Here we discuss causes of, and solutions to, DNS leaks. The system combines all these individual definitions, along with dynamically created  When I am not connected to VPN these requests will fail as the DNS server is not DNS spoofing poses a serious threat. Here you will learn how DNS spoofing attacks work and what measures provide effective protection.

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Download DNSCloak and disable the ffapple proxy. Step 02. Then after Download TutuBox (Airplane Mode Method) Txt File and save it your idevice.!! NOTE: If you can’t find the TutuBox download links in DNSCloak, check “iPhone” & “iCloud Drive” & search around until you find it! Step 03.


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